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The Top 5 Reasons To Choose In Home Care In Ellington, CT

Learn more about the reasons to choose in home care over institutionalized care in Enfield, CT.

As seniors age, there often comes a time when help is needed to accomplish the daily living tasks that were once performed with ease. Other times, they may need help remembering to take medication, or they may want somebody to keep them company, go shopping, or simply want somebody to spend some quality time with. Many times, seniors do not have these supports available and think they may have to move into an assisted living community or nursing home. Thankfully, there is another option: home care.

Why Choose In Home Care?

Let's take a look at the top five reasons seniors will want to choose home care.

  1. Independence is maximized when care is provided at home. In communal and institutional environments, care is accomplished according to set schedules, the planned activities and outings may be of little or no interest to the senior, and there are routines, visiting hours, and other rules and regulations that must be followed. For seniors who are used to their freedom, enjoy coming and going as they please, and choosing their own food, entertainment, and schedules, there is no better choice than in home care.
  2. In home care is often safer than other senior care settings. Not only are instances of infection and secondary illness greatly reduced, but home care providers can help seniors update and upgrade their home to increase safety even more. Many changes are easy and inexpensive, such as adding anti-slip traction tape to floors, placing grab bars near toilets and in showers, and clearing out walking paths.
  3. Home care is personalized. With in-home care services, a senior chooses exactly what services they need and want. Further, they determine when these services will be provided and by whom. Having the freedom to choose a caregiver and the level of support desired is a huge advantage when it comes to overall quality of life.
  4. Recovery time is reduced when seniors recuperate at home. Researchers consistently verify that seniors who choose in-home care to recover from illnesses, injuries, and medical procedures do so at a more rapid pace. Further, the seniors who receive home care end up back in the hospital much less frequently.
  5. Families are able to take part in the care. Many times, families want to provide care for their senior loved one, but they cannot always be there. With in-home care, families can work in tandem with home care personnel to create a synergistic care environment that best serves the senior. Not only does the senior get all of the benefits of in-home care, but they get the added benefits of maintaining close family ties.

In short, there are many different options when seniors need daily living support, but there is no better choice than home care. To find out how Comfort Keepers can help your senior loved one maximize their independence while remaining safely in the comfort of their own home, contact a senior care coordinator today. 


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