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Eldercare & Isolation Reduction in Enfield, CT

Find out how Comfort Keepers eldercare in Enfield, CT, can help your loved one battle loneliness.

Many seniors who live alone often feel lonely. Some seniors live in different states than their families, other suffer from health problems that make it difficult for them to stay connected with the outside world. Eldercare can provide companionship services to your parent in Enfield, CT. Having someone to talk to or go for a walk with can make a huge difference in the life of a senior who is lonely. On the other hand, ignoring loneliness or thinking that it will go away on its own can be dangerous.

Research has shown that senior isolation can lead to many emotional troubles. Depression is the most common consequence of loneliness. However, it is not just mental health that suffers. Isolation can worsen chronic conditions and weaken the immune system. There have even been cases of seniors who developed heart disease in correlation with isolation. Isolation is a serious mental state that can even lead to premature death. Some studies have reported that it is as equally harmful as smoking cigarettes.

Devoted eldercare providers can reduce isolation and loneliness by spending quality time with your loved one. They may not be able to eradicate it completely, especially if the cause of loneliness is the death or serious illness of their partner. There are, however, some steps caregivers can take to help your loved one feel better even in the most difficult of times.

While you may be visiting your parent a few times a week and talking to them every day, it might be a good idea to consider a more permanent solution. Hiring an eldercare provider that will provide care and support on a daily basis can significantly reduce isolation. Your parent and their caregiver can share opinions, play games or visit local attractions together. This can help take your loved one’s mind off their problems.

A caregiver can also teach your parent how to use social media. A growing number of seniors use technology to stay in touch with their families and friends. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can allow your parent to communicate with the people they love and watch their photos and videos. They can also be useful for meeting people in their area.

Eldercare experts also recommend that seniors explore senior-friendly options in Enfield, CT. A caregiver can find suitable activities for your parent and offer transportation and accompaniment.

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