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Medication Management Is Part Of Our Homecare Services In Enfield, CT

Medication management is a  vital part of our homecare services since some seniors in Enfield, CT go to retirement homes just for this service.

The challenges of medication management often become more difficult as a person ages. There are many factors that may lead to these difficulties including dementia, forgetfulness, trouble opening bottles, or simply the growing number of medications to be taken. Regardless of the reason, difficulty with medication management is not something that should be taken lightly. In fact, medications errors are one of the leading reasons seniors end up in the emergency room or readmitted to the hospital after a discharge.

Homecare Services, Like Medication Management, Help Seniors Stay Independent In Enfield, CT

It should not be surprising that seniors struggle with medication management. The average senior over the age of 65 takes five or more different medications every day. Seniors with chronic conditions often take up to 20 and each may have a different dosage, timings, rules, and contraindications. Therefore, proper medication management support is so important.

A survey by the AARP showed that upwards of 90 percent of seniors desired to remain at home despite daily living challenges. Yet, a recent study found that one of the primary reasons seniors move into assisted living facilities was to get help with medication management. Thankfully, with Comfort Keepers homecare services, seniors can get the best of both worlds.

Comfort Keepers homecare services include medication management support designed to keep seniors safe and independent while remaining in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Caregivers provide several services, including reminding seniors to take medications, record keeping, re-ordering medication, picking medications up from the pharmacy, ensuring proper storage, and making sure rules regarding dosages and how medications are to be taken are followed. Additionally, homecare services and caregivers can help seniors read labels, open bottles, and keep up-to-date lists of their medications.

For seniors who prefer to do more on their own, Comfort Keepers also offers electronic management options, such as the TabSafe unit. Technology solutions remind seniors to take medications, dispense pills, and even alert seniors and/or their loved ones if a dose is late or missed. These devices also prevent seniors from accidentally taking the same medication more than once.

Medication management may be a growing issue among seniors, but with Comfort Keepers support, it does not need to keep your senior loved one from maximizing the safety and enjoyment of their elder years.


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