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Transitioning Home With In Home Health Care Services In Enfield, CT

Learn how Comfort Keepers in home health care services can help seniors in Enfield, CT avoid returning to the hospital.

Ineffective transitioning home for seniors is a primary reason for millions of unnecessary hospital readmissions. With proper support, the challenges of transitioning home are significantly reduced. Sadly, many seniors do not have family members or friends who can provide the level or extent of care that is needed. This is where professional in home health care services come in.

In Home Health Care Services In Enfield, CT

Within 30 days after discharge, a quarter of seniors end up back in the hospital, and another quarter returns within 60 days. The number one reason for senior re-hospitalization is medication mismanagement. Not only are many seniors sent home without a proper understanding of their new medication needs, but there are often complications that arise as new medications interact with the many others seniors are already using, especially if the new medications are not taken exactly as prescribed. Comfort Keepers caregivers provide essential medication management support that keeps seniors out of the emergency room.

Many seniors also find that once they return home they cannot perform essential daily living tasks or accomplish the needed post-hospital care routines. In many cases, hospital staff do not go over limitations, new tasks and routines, or necessary therapies until right before discharge. This leaves seniors in a bind when it comes to adjustments at home or accommodations for difficult tasks. Worse, seniors may not have the necessary equipment or supplies at home nor have the transportation resources to get them.

Transitioning home with Comfort Keepers support is more safe and effective. Not only can caregivers prepare the home for the transition, but they will ensure needed supplies are on-hand, medications are available and administered properly, personal and in home health care services are safely accomplished, and seniors understand their hospital discharge instructions.

In short, seniors are often discharged from the hospital and returned to an unsafe environment or self-care situation. With Comfort Keepers support, however, transitioning home can be a safe, efficient, and beneficial part of a senior's recovery process. 


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