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Respite Care for Seniors in Hampden, MA

Learn how respite care can provide the care seniors in Hampden, MA need while normal caregivers take a break.

When the stress of constant care and supervision goes beyond an individual's physical, mental, or financial abilities, the result is known as caregiver burnout. According to WebMD, caregiver burnout is "a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that may be accompanied by a change in attitude -- from positive and caring to negative and unconcerned...Caregivers who are burned out may experience fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression." More importantly, burned out caregivers may no longer be able to provide safe or effective care for their senior loved one.

Recent statistics estimate that nearly 70 million family members provide daily supports for senior loved ones in the United States alone. As their loved ones age, the time and intensity of care will increase. Further, as more and more Baby Boomers start requiring care and support, there will likely become a surge in the number of American family members suffering from caregiver burnout.

Take a Break with Respite Care in Hampden, MA

The primary way burnout can be avoided is by taking regular breaks, or respites, from care. These breaks allow caregivers to maintain a healthy care-life balance. Many family caregivers avoid taking time off, however, because their loved one requires constant supervision and they worry that something might happen to their loved one while they are away. This is where respite care comes in.

Respite care is a type of care designed to provide short-term support for seniors while their primary caregiver takes a break. Respite care typically ranges from a few hours to several days but rarely lasts for more than a week at a time. Respite services include light housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation as well as medication management, transportation, and companionship. Services may also include personal care and hygiene support, including eating assistance, toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, and oral health support.

Comfort Keepers respite care support is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, and caregivers even specialize in several areas, including dementia and Alzheimer's care, end of life care, and hospital to home transitions. Best of all, care and supervision are all provided in the comfort and convenience of your loved one's own home. For more information, contact a senior care coordinator today.


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