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Senior Care & Nutrition In Longmeadow, MA

Learn how senior care from Comfort Keepers of Longmeadow, MA can help your parent eat healthier.

While most people know how important healthy eating is, committing to a nutritious diet can prove to be quite an ordeal. For seniors who suffer from chronic health problems or have mobility issues, regularly preparing food can be impossible. Some seniors believe that a healthy diet will simply cost them too much.

Senior care providers can help seniors living in Longmeadow, MA, prepare nutritious meals regardless of their budget. The easiest way to make sure that your parent is eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is to plan well ahead. Together with your loved one, a caregiver can develop a weekly or monthly meal plan in accordance with their medical condition and culinary taste.

Without a pre-planned meal plan, it is much easier for seniors to turn to unhealthy, processed foods. If they have some kind of physical limitation, the easiest solution is to purchase pre-made meals or order fast food. With a detailed meal plan, your parent will know exactly what they need to purchase in the grocery store. making grocery shopping much easier as well. If needed, a senior care provider can purchase the groceries your parent needs or accompany them to a local supermarket in Longmeadow, MA.

As for the meal preparation itself, a senior care expert can either prepare the meals on a daily basis or make larger quantities of food at once. This usually depends on the type of care your parent opts for. For example, if a caregiver visits them a few times a week, they can prepare enough food to last your parent until their next visit. If a caregiver helps your loved one on a daily basis or if your parent receives around-the-clock care, preparing food for one day at a time is the best option.

When it comes to snacks, your loved one may be tempted to eat chips or cookies, or an occasional carbonated drink. Although there’s nothing wrong with indulging in favorite foods from time to time, your loved one might want to consider reducing the intake of high-calorie, processed foods to a minimum. Instead, they can eat fruits or veggies between meals.

If your parent would like to go out to eat, senior care recommends that they avoid fast food diners and instead choose places with local cuisine. These restaurants usually offer a number of healthy dishes at affordable prices. A caregiver can help your parent find a good restaurant in Longmeadow, MA, and the surrounding communities and keep them company while eating. This can transform eating into an engaging social activity.

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