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Nursing Home Vs. In Home Care In Longmeadow, MA

Learn what differentiates care in a nursing home from in home care for seniors in Longmeadow, MA.

Millions of American seniors spend their final days in nursing homes. Sadly, this is not the end a great number of seniors chose for themselves, but many are unaware that there are other options available. In their defense, many families whose senior loved ones require support are simply overwhelmed by their loved one's physical and mental health issues. They often turn to nursing homes out of frustration or as a last-ditch effort. Thankfully, there is another option for a large percentage of seniors: in-home care.

In Home Care Vs. Nursing Home Care

In its simplest sense, in home care is just what is sounds like - care and support that is provided in the comfort and convenience of a senior's own home.

A nursing home is intended for seniors who require a level of care that cannot be safely provided at home or in an assisted living facility. There is 24-hour care, supervision, and medical attention available along with varied therapies, such as physical therapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy. Most seniors who are in a home have lost most of their mobility, and many have lost their ability to communicate verbally. The average stay in a nursing home is less than nine months.

Today, Comfort Keepers in home care providers can match the service and support of a nursing home in all but a few instances. From light housekeeping and laundry to meal preparation, running errands, and companionship, all basic care services are covered. With Comfort Keepers, home care providers also provide a plethora of personal care services, including eating and toileting support, bathing, grooming, and dressing assistance, as well as positioning and transitioning support. As with nursing homes, Comfort Keepers supports are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

One major difference between in home care and a nursing home, however, is the personalization of care. In a nursing home, a senior is just one of many seniors requiring assistance. With in-home care, the senior is the sole focus of attention and support. There are not call buttons or waiting for help because a caregiver is on their rounds. Best of all, in-home caregivers get to know a senior on a personal level and provide the activities, services, and interactions the senior actually wants and enjoys.

One of a senior's greatest fears when it comes to a nursing home placement is loneliness. In home care helps a senior avoid this fear by countering the source of loneliness. Each Comfort Keepers in-home caregiver is trained to provide meaningful social, emotional, and intellectual interaction. By drawing seniors into their caregiving, the risks of isolation and loneliness can be reduced. Further, by allowing seniors to remain in their own home, the chances of family and friends stopping by increases exponentially.

In short, there are times that a nursing home may be the right choice for a senior. However, with in-home care, there are many more times that seniors can be cared for more successfully in the comfort of their very own residence. 


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