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Maintaining Bone Health With In Home Senior Care

Mar 10, 2016 by Nick Miller

To keep your loved ones’ bones strong and healthy, in home senior care takes several preventative measures to promote good bone health and avoid falls in the elderly. Though strong bones won’t prevent falls, they will lower the risk of suffering major fractures as a result of falls or injuries, keeping your parents or grandparents out of the hospital.

In Home Senior Care & Bone Health in Enfield, CT

There are several ways to improve and maintain bone health, including adopting a healthier diet, engaging in regular physical activity, taking vitamins and medications and getting a bone density test.

In home senior care providers recommend that your parents or grandparents get a bone density test as soon as possible, as these routine scans can determine whether your loved ones’ bones are healthy or require treatment that prevents further bone loss. The test will show if they need to use medications that can improve bone health.

What your loved ones should definitely do is take calcium supplements and vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium. Due to the fact that seniors need 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day, in home senior care providers will develop an adequate eating plan, making sure that your loved ones are taking in enough calcium-rich foods.

Also, your parents or grandparents should exercise at least half an hour per day, seeing as physical activity keeps bones strong as well. Your loved ones should consider walking, dancing or better yet, weight-lifting exercises that will strengthen both their bones and their joints.

Finally, your parents or grandparents’ in home senior care provider will fall-proof their home, ensuring that all tripping hazards are removed and that they can freely move around the house. Whether or not your loved ones have bone problems, it’s imperative to take all the necessary steps to prevent falls and broken bones. 

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